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I have made and long arm quilted 4 t-shirt quilts in the past year and here's what I do!

Measure the image of every t-shirt that you want to use in the quilt. (Mine were 15 inches at the largest) I used an iron on fusible interfacing-Stacy by Pellon-that I bought at Joanns, black for harley quilts and white for a college girls t-shirt. Cut the interfacing a little larger than the image of each shirt and iron it on the back of the shirt and I used a dampened pressing cloth too. Then cut from the front of the shirt the size you want.what you want. I added 2 1/2" sashing strips on the side of each shirt (if they were 15"), wider for smaller shirts. I tried to make each shirt turn out to be the same size in the end. Then I added 2 1/2" sashings between the rows. then I sewed the rows together and added a 2 1/2" border around the whole thing, a contrasting 1 1/2" border and then a 6 1/2" border, meander quilted and machine binding to finish it.

Hope that helps! I will try to post later today the latest quilt I just finished last Friday!
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