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I don't like Thangles. I cannot sew a straight line. Sorry, I didn't want you to know how imperfect I am!

I use the method of making mine from 2 large square, lining up the edges and having them right sides together, then marking an X and then a + on the back side of one of the 2 pieces. Say..make an 9 inch square. After marking, sew on either side of the X lines a scant 1/4 seam. When 4 seams are sewn, When finished all sewing, cut apart on both the X and the + lines. You will have 8 sets of identical half square triangles. You will have to unfold, press, then square up the blocks. Here is the link for visual reference.

I learned this method of E. Burns back about 6 or 7 years ago. It is the most accurate way I have found to deal with triangles. I have made 3 quilt tops with these (each one in a different size) and found I got to like the method very well.

You may not like this method, but it works best for me.

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