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Hi QB,

My name is TaliaRose, I work with the company Internet Brands. We are located in sunny and warm Southern California, specifically El Segundo. I am excited to get to know you all and help out as needed.

I realize that the news of Konstantin leaving is a shock for many of you. While I am optimistic about this transition, I understand how some of you might be confused or concerned about what it means for you. QB is a place youíve trusted with your quilting projects and personal experiences Ė the friends and bonds youíve made here are something you value highly.

My main role as Admin is to provide support for PatriceJ (who will remain the Senior Moderator of QB). We have the benefit of a team of people at Internet Brands that will be able to help us if there are technical issues on the website.

Along with being a technology geek, I myself am a crafter. I love jewelry making and painting. I have to say, Iím not very good at sewing, although I am TRYING to learn and get better so I can make my own bags!! Maybe you all can teach me a few things about quilting!

I know many of you have questions. I am very responsive, so please do not hesitate to send me a PM or reply with your questions here.

- TaliaRose
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