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First, square up your quilt as best you can. Then measure the length of your quilt in the center not the edge, cut your borders to this length and ease in any extra when you sew it on. Then measure the width across the center, cut the last 2 borders and ease. I read this in a book somewhere and have always done it this way. It really works to square up your quilt. In case you don't know how to ease, you match and pin the corners of your quilt and border together on both sides. Next, find the center of the quilt and the border and pin those 2 centers points together. Then work with the area between the center & the right corner. Find the center of this area on the quilt and on the border & pin this. Continue finding the centers of the smaller & smaller areas until the whole length is pinned. Does this make sense?? Use lots of pins!!!
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