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Originally Posted by b.zang
Are you drawing a line and sewing along it? I've done that when sewing from corner to corner and it seems to work. You should probably pin the pieces together, too (if you're not already doing that).
No, haven't been pinning or drawing the line. I was trying to do it the way the silly book said to. Put a piece of tape on my machine as a guide. Plus the ones I'm making are kinda small, not sure if I can pin em.

I should clarify that I'm making the star that's a square in the middle with eight triangle points around it. Yanno, the "easy" star. :roll: I've also heard it calle the sawtooth star.

Maybe later on if I make bigger ones, I'll try the drawing and pinning. The ones I'm making now are 5" so, those squares are kind of little... at least for me.
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