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That's how I made the quilt that I'm still working on for my dh Norah. I'm working on the applique borders now. The main body of the quilt has been done for quite a long time, but I'm now appliquing flames all the around the border, and it's a large quilt so it's going to take me awhile. I can't remember how long it took me to make the 12 blocks. But they were large--17" finished, with miles and miles of applique in each one (at least it felt that way LOL). I just folded my freezer paper a few times, drew some lines, cut, unfolded, and voila! I had my designs. Each one was so unique, and it was always exciting to open the freezer paper back up and see what I'd created! :) I didn't baste through my paper though like you did. I just ironed it to my fabric, traced around the design, cut out a little ways away from my marked line and pinned it to my background fabric. Maybe I'll try it your way next time. :)

When I get the borders finished, I'll post a pic. Who knows when I'll ever get around to actualluy quilting it? :P
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