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Thank you Izy for the instructions! This is one of those techniques I want to try out and it's on my list, I just haven't gotten that far yet. I've saved your instructions and the website for the grid paper and I may just plan out a little Easter project to try this technique out with. My friends all use the die cut mylar plastic pieces with their English paper piecing projects. There is a hole in the very center which is used to pop the plastic template out with. I wonder if that would be helpful with the actual papers?

I have some old hexagons that my daughters great-grandmother cut out sometime in the forties or fifties. They are not cut as precisely as I would like and I bet this method would work great for squaring them up. I would love to finish each of these into a couple of quilts, one to give to each of my daughters. ....ugh! Another project! :? :lol:
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