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Originally Posted by oldmountaincrafts
OK, what the heck. I couldn't screw this up, right?? I'm in for 3 sets. I'm assuming, but please correct me since this is my first time doing this, that this is for "true red", not variations of red like a dark pink or a light burgandy?

Thanks and please be easy on the newbie!!!
Yes this is for TRUE REDS ONLY..

Fire engine red.. cherry red. Hot lips red.. Cinnamon red hot reds.. TRUE reds

HOWEVER it may have a true red with white.. a true red with blue.. or a true red with any colors... It just has to have true red color in it.. now a red burgundy is fine but light pink does not qualify.. Use your best judgment.. If it looks 'red' to you it should be fine...

** please PM with the required info if you would like to join this swap..
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