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Also, this may not be important to you, and I do not intend to tell anyone they should not smoke or anything else, but, I have asthma, so the things I am going to mention are important to my health... When I first started quilting I took a quilt to a long arm quilter upon recommendation from a quilt shop in my area.

When I got there I found the home was a "smoking" home. She used lots of fragranced candles (also very hard on my respiratory system) and she had multiple pets that roamed free in her entire house. I politely told her I didn't think I could use her services due to my respiratory situation, and she was most ungracious. Told me I had wasted her time by setting up an appointment, etc.

I could have saved myself and the long arm quilter some time and hurt feelings if she had divulged her home was NOT smoke and pet free. I learned a valuable lesson to always ask if something is important to me. If those things are important to you, perhaps ask in advance.
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