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Originally Posted by butterflywing
Originally Posted by jstitch
I wouldnt have any issues with using Muslin on the back of a quilt.

After all, it was done that way for a hundred years or more and those quilts have held up nicely..

It is more cost effective..

And, I hadnt thought about the fading issue that babeegirl brought up, but that is a good point too..

Depending on the look you are going for, you might want to prewash it as some muslin will shrink more that other fabric, depending on the thread count and whether it is prewashed or not..some muslin says prewashed...

Good luck!
i hate to say this, but quilts made 100 years ago were not washed as often as they are now. so 50 years ago, they were already 50 years old, but seldom washed. with modern emphasis on cleanliness we wash linens a lot more. that's very hard on quilts no matter how careful we are. on the flip side, fabric is being made better, so we'll have to wait and see. ask again in 50 years. LOL.
While this is true, it is also true that dirt and light are the biggest detractors from the longevity of a quilt.. so by that logic, the dirtiest old ones that used muslin as backing would deteriorate faster..

Yes, we wont know for a long time if any of the fabrics we are using today will hold up.. but, IHO, if you use a nice 200 thread count muslin, you wont have any troubles. And Hancocks sells it for 5.99 reg price, and they put it on sale for half off fairly often.. and it comes in colors.. as well as white and unbleached...There are a few other brands of good quality muslin as well..
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