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Originally Posted by roselady
Using the hoops that I have allows me to turn my quilt in any direction, so I don't really have to quilt away from me, how easy is that to learn? Any insight on all of this will help me alot. Thanks.
I have a Hinterberg Classic floor frame. It is big, but it's very sturdy. I think it holds the layers better than a hoop, but it may also be that I've used it for so long. I've always found the backs of my quilts look flatter coming out of the frame. Plus, with 3 poles you don't have to baste the quilt....if you're like me, you will appreciate not having to crawl around on the floor basting. :)

I use a tailor's thimble to quilt away from myself. It looks like a regular thimble with no top. I didn't think it was any harder to learn to quilt away from me than it was to learn to quilt towards myself. You might try practicing in your hoop.

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