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Debbie, I have the Bernina and I do like it a lot. I have to admit I prefer my Pfaff for piecing my quilts though because it has the built in even feed. I use the Bernina primarily for quiting. I love the stitch regulator. I can turn the speed down to where I can manage it.
The BSR still takes practice to learn. I'm getting better with each quilt. I have to admit that I was disappoint when I worked with it the first few times. You know how you have it in your mind that you'll sit down and whip out the worlds most gorgeous quiltting! Ha! It's still work!
If I were to buy a new machine today I think I'd go check out what Pfaff has first. I am a real Pfaff lover! But I'm not giving my Bernina away either!!! It does what it was designed to do and it does it quite well!
There, I've circled around your questions without answering them quite nicely, I think!
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