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Default this must be where I got these from.... :oops:

If you spend your life trying to avoid stepping on any cracks, and you happen to love quilting you should enjoy some of the following superstitions that a reader submitted. Let us know if you have others to add to the list.

Stitching Superstitions by Lorena O'Connor of Silver Spring, MD
"Someone was weaving cloth one day when they discovered that two or three layers were warmer than one. Thus the process of quilting was born.

And down through the years, superstitions associated with quilting have also been born. If you're a quilter you probably already know many of them. So, the next time you are stitching with your friends, you might want to share some of these stitching superstitions."

If you begin a quilt on Friday, you will never live to finish it. (this must be the day I start mine!!!!!)

Never quilt on Sunday. It is the day of rest.

If a thread breaks, it will bring misfortune.

Stitching a spider web design into a quilt will bring good luck.

Love and Marriage
Design a bridal quilt with continuous borders of vines or ribbon-
like patterns. A broken border is said to foretell a broken marriage.

If an unmarried girl puts the last stitch in the quilt, she will become
an old maid. (Though I don't have any plans, best keep me away from the last stitch just in case!)

If a girl shakes a new quilt out the door, the first man who comes
through the door will be her future husband.

When a quilt is first taken off the frame, wrap it around an
unmarried woman to give her luck in finding a mate, or throw it at
the first single man she sees to charm him into a relationship.

Marriage quilts should be laid out fresh so that dreams on the first
night will come true.

If two people shake a cat in the quilt, the one near where the cat
runs out will marry first.

A girl who begins piecing a quilt will not marry until it is finished.

After finishing a quilt, the first one over whom it is thrown will be
married first.

If someone wraps you in a new quilt, you will get married within a

If you break a needle, the next baby will be yours.

After a quilt is completed, the quilter should sleep with the quilt one night and then give it to the special person it is made for.

When a person is ill, it is said if they sleep with a quilt, all the love from the quilt will heal them.

Never make human figures on a quilt. It is believed the figures will walk and visit you at night.

If anyone starts a quilt in the form of a star, someone in the family will die before it is finished. (No star formed quilts in my future!)

If you dream while sleeping under a quilt for the first time, the dream will come true.

There are four corners to my bed,
on which I now this new quilt spread.
May I this night in trouble be,
and the one I love come rescue me.

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