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I'm proud of ALL of you. Your stories of the harder times in our lives sure jog my memory of tougher times but I feel these times made me the strong, independent and self sufficient person I have become. I married in 1966 and became a military wife. We lived on a $90 monthly allotment that I got and my hushband got $ 89. a month. We bought everything at the Commissary and that was cheaper but we didn't have money for any extras at all. One time in 4 months we splurged on a movie that cost us 50 cents each to get in.....The Naked Prey was the movie! Being young and not being a very good cook but had interest in learning I bought STEAK for dinner for our 1st month anniversary... ...didn't realize OX TAIL isn't STEAK! I''ve learned. Now we can afford a REAL steak but brand X husband has someone else cooking for him and my wonderful DH and I don't do too much red meat anymore for health sake so in 43 years we've kinda come full circle only with different partners.
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