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Originally Posted by k3n
Originally Posted by sewcrafty
Its beautiful! The only thing I may try out is in the center. All the twisted log cabin points are heading inward with the points and the center is facing out. How would it look with the points facing in?

If it doesn't work I don't any big deal its wonderful!
Thats kind of on purpose and funny you should pick up on that! I tried it with the points in and thought it looked a bit predictable - this was gave some tension to the design and made it more interesting, I thought. I really value your comments though, thank you. I'm about to head out with the dog but when I get back, I'll post the other version and see what you think :-D

The person asking for as tute - this is just fiddling about in EQ with the blocks in the library - hours of twisting and turning to get to this point! Did you mean a tute on how to get the design or how to make the actual quilt?
Predictible yes! That's me though - LOL I think its beautiful.
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