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Hi all from Australia :)

I have only just discovered quilting and since I have no-one to learn from, pretty grateful for this site! Although it has been taking a bit of time away from my first quilt :lol:

Anyway I was a bit unsure of what to do next and thought I'd benefit from the wisdom of some more experienced quilters. I'm making a form of a nine patch quilt there's the link for a picture but it doesn't have description.

Anyway, my problem is that I want to make a quilt for a queen size bed but am not sure how best to work out how many more squares I need, as this makes 57 inch by 74 inch and I would need102 by 112. It says to cut 384 sqaures of the coloured fabric and 35 of the 6 and half inch squares for the cream fabric. Would I be best to work it out before-hand (even though the maths gives me a headache!) or to join the middle squares as directed and then once I've joined them go back and see how many more I need to make it big enough for the queen size bed? I'm using a jelly roll also and should have more than enough of the coloured fabric, but haven't bought any other fabric yet.

Sorry if this is a bit complicated but I wasn't sure how best to work out how to work out how much larger or how many extra rows I should be adding.
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