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Yes, I make a list. That is easy to do as I have a card printed out with what I take to local 1 day sew-ins. I also have a basic packing list for my suitcase as I do like to be prepared, like when my daughter needed another surgery. These make my life easier and less stressful.

I always take my own power strip in case of power failure and to prevent my machine from having problems if there is a power surge or whatever.

I do NOT take an ironing board or iron on retreats as the ones I go to specifically say not to due to the power overload. Once someone thought she was above it all and took her own and crowded out others then put it on the rug and burnt the rug!

I take what I need an maybe a bit extra but am careful to keep it such that I don't overflow into someone else's personal space. There are those that take huge tool chests and those that take their own tables. Our facilities just don't have that kind of space and I think it is extremely thoughtless of them to do so.

Do you think I have some prejudices?


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