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After four days I finally got thru sorting my stash. Haven't done it before in two years. Boy, did I find some gorgeous fabric. My worries are over. I don't have to even think about the rising prices of material. Enuf to last me for five years if I last that long.

I found eight color and fabric combos to make some new clothes which I need and an infinite number of fabrics for quilts. These are fabric I got because they spoke to me. No, I didn't have a special project in mind but after so many years of buying fabric for my customers, family and myself, I tend to lean to certain colors and combinations. Even found some with orange which I dislike, but now, even that is beginning to look good.

I found three that are ideal for a stack and whack which I have wanted to do for a couple of years but was too chicken. In my present state of euphoria, I think I can tackle anything. I might finally try to post pics again and succeed.
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