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Yes, Boo is absolutely right! I have been to a few different quilt shops and so far found all of them to be welcoming and friendly. Not a bad word was said while I was there. The owner's of these shops had introduced me to everyone in the shop and could have talked my ear off. I have yet to shop at a "bad" quilt shop. Now, any other store is a different story. LOL. Also, fabric, good quality fabric is expensive and in order for the quilt shops to stay open they have to raise the price to pay for utilities. When, shops go out of business, obviously they lose ALOT of money and just want to get out from underneath their debts as soon as possible. My aunt had a quilt shop and closed it to be able to stay home with her kids. She was left with all sorts of merchandise, she sold alot of it for what she had in it, just to try to get some of her money back. Owning a business, especially a small business is hard. In a small town, it is even harder. A quilt shop is just about to open here in our small town and I am hoping and praying it stays open and the lady who owns it will profit for years to come.
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