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Originally Posted by suezquilts
Being a Super Mom is so tough!
I'll pray for a snowday for you! Not to much of a chance of that where you are.
LOL naww well maybe, We got about 1/4 inch of white stuff on the ground a couple of years ago..but it melts pretty quick. No i would have hurricane days and then now power =( figures huh. I have two days off after working 7 days ( normally i will work 6 on 2 off) and I am not allowed to do anything with work. My employee are not to call me, I am not even allowed to go into my restaurant on those days. Waffle house want to make sure its manager get some time to relax. I am really looking forward to my next two days off..Sat and Sun.

ps. I really love this board. It is great to connect and get support from people who have been there done that. You guys are wonderful!
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