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Originally Posted by Gaijin
Well, I live in Tokyo and that's completely untrue! They test the water here everyday and they found slightly higher radioactive iodine levels-so they suggested not to use tap water for baby formula. As far as washing and non-infant drinking water, there is no problem. Please try not to exaggerate what's going on here unless you see it for yourself! It just makes everything worse for those of us here that are trying to get on with our lives!
Thank you for posting you first hand experiences and the reminder to not exaggerate or even forward items that come to us without verifying it! The comment about the lack of water to homes was reported in the news today and I can't say which town they were refering to, and this just goes to prove that the media is resposible for the spread of false information possibly due to the rush to get the "story on the air".

On the positive note, I was told by a postal clerk that there is a call out in the Portland area for 1000 quilts to Japan. I wish I knew more, but maybe other posters from the Portland area can help with more information. QFK's is currently working on arrangements to have they're quilts hand delivered to children in Japan. Just think of how many we could send over there if even half of use made one! :thumbup:
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