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I recently satisfied my wish for a treadle, got Singer 66 "Red Eye", made in 1922 for a bargain in great shape & am now looking for just 1 more machine.

I want to put a Singer - same or similar to Mom's old 201-2 - into her art deco cabinet that I have. I've been researching each, & know the 301 is a slant needle & has a carrying handle built in. Handle is a mute point, since I will not be using it as a take-along.

I'll get a black one, to more closely replicate Mom's than the tan 301's. But aside from that, I really don't know which to search. Ebay & Craig's list offer both.

Any suggestions on pros & cons of each will be much appreciated. The more I read, the more confused I get - 1 day I want a 15-90, the next a 201 -2, the next a 301. I've already asked re: 15-90 vs 201. Now I'm hearing I should get a 301.

Each one I pass on ebay makes me think I better hurry & decide. Please Help!

Thanks to the well-informed people on this site, I hope to receive info to make a sensible choice.
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