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So I had never done a pattern before, always done my own thing...I found the perfect pattern and a quilt that said it was quick and easy...I can usualy finish a quilt within a I started this a week ago...I got so tired just cutting the pieces for it ( which took me two days..) None of them are now the same size...I have 15 out of 30 of the blocks completed...this has already taking me a week of working night and day..and None of them are the same size!!! Im already frustraited, and im not even done sewing the pieces together to complete the blocks...I don't want to give up..but boy am I frustraited...on top of just finishing the blocks now I also have to figure out how to get them the same size....ugh! well thanks for listening....sugestions always welcome..I'm working on the crayon box quilt from
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