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Originally Posted by Prism99
goosepoint, did you take the lining out of the neckties before using them? Or did you use them "as is"? Did you wash them first? Enquiring minds want to know.....
Yes - most came from Goodwill and The Salvation Army. Even though they were in extremely good - like new condition I did wash everyone in very warm - hot water. The reason was to shrink if they were going to and to make sure none would 'bleed' in the future. I used snow white cotton to applique the ties on and I just wanted to make sure. Once washed and dried, I used a seam ripper to pick the back of the tie open and then removed the linings. I then cut each on to a specific size - I got a pattern from the web, cut each according to the pattern and then started sewing the star together. I did have to make adjustments to get it to lay flat before I could applique it to the white cotton. You can tell the ties that did not go through the wash so good and if they did not make the wash they did not make my quilt.
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