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It was me who visited with Dick on that Thursday. It was my pleasure. He feels so far away from people. The dress that Dick made is OUTSTANDING!!!!! He is one special talented person. I haven't read all the posts on Dick so I apologize if this has already been said, but when I visited with Dick,......some lady was in the room with him that was taping his conversation and will be writing a book on him.

Originally Posted by Sheepshed
I called him both Thursday night and Friday evening, and he sounds chipper considering, yes, the news from the xrays that it will be more weeks before starting weight bearing.

I told him he is a captive audience for several weeks at Rehab for SHOPPING MY STASH ! ! Ha Ha. He is leaning towards gentle autumn colors in his GFG and when he gets home he will pick out his own shade of authentic early 1900s shades of the pathways and whatevers. He has the particular shade of soft yellows he wants for the centers now, and I have supplied about 30 of the *muted autumn colors* he likes and have another 30 washed and cut and ready to mail tomorrow morning.. so he will have more than enough of othe flower-colors.
DARLENE I am so tickled you sent flowers he said he had TWO bunches of flowers and he is so tickled ! Some lady actually visited him Thursday afternoon from a sewing group, he couldnt remember her name when I called Thursday ight... but he was so tickled to have company.... and someone who sewed.
Dick has been such a contributor to our Board with his pictures and stories and fantastic quilts... and to the chat room when he came in. Do you realize he made more than just that one *postage stamp* queen quilt in the picture on the Board? He said he made THREE postage stamp quilts for family members. He is quite a character, and at 85 and new to quliting for just two years. Of course, he had a lifetime in Clothing Design and is a master of sewing techniques before coming to quilting. He is a real treasure.
He said to thank people for the cards and someone sent him a *tote bag* to keep the goodies in.. haha Huggers again to everyone, Sheeps
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