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I just finished talking to Dick for a while, he says his plans have changed, he will be leaving the Rehab place sometime this weekend, between Friday (June10) and Monday, swinging by for a few days at some medical clinic in Arkansas, then arriving at his daughter's house in MO where he will be for about 30 days.

He said he got some of the nurses to get pictures of the crocheted baby dress and the FOUR ROWS OF CARDS ON HIS WALL and wants to thank everyone SOOOOO much for their cards and well wishes, and gifts (and that WILD pillowcase someone sent him :)
When he gets relocated at his daughters I have his new address there for people to use for contact... AND I AM HOPING his daughter will have a computer and internet access... if she does, I bet he figures out her computer and manages to get on line a little bit to be in better touch with us... I sure miss his friendly chat and posts.
The Grandmothers Flower Garden is up to 20 finished single row flowers.... and he says he has enough fabrics for 60 flowers now hehehe and is busy cutting out more hexagons. ... Anyway he sounds good and wanted to be sure I told everyone how much the cards and goodies made his stay SO much nicer... and sends his love to all... Sheeps
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