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Originally Posted by Boscobd
Congrats on getting a 603! I have a Singer Slant-O-Matic 603 Special that my Mom bought in 1963. That's when it must have been made as the copyright date on the instruction manual is 1963. I learned how to sew on this machine and sometime in the late 1970s, my Mom gave it to me when she bought a newer model Singer. I am now 50 and am still using this machine. I love it. It is a workhorse of a machine. It has been to the "sewing machine hospital" a couple of times for adjustments and maintenance, but it has been a joy of a machine to work on. Use it and enjoy!!
The 300-500 series were the most popular and the 600's were kinda the same but different. Even though the cams look the same some of them were different and if you try to use them on the 400 and 500 series you will break the needle because it will swing out to far. But all in all they were good machines to own and I never heard anything bad about them. The last of the good Slant Shanks!!

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