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Just saw this on a regular import to my email address. I checked online to see if it had been caught yet..nothing I could find. But there seem to be a lot of monkeys that get away from their owners. I believe that monkeys belong in zoos or wild where they belong, not as personal pets. They are too strong and are not like a dog, which has been domesticated for thousands of years.
On June 15th, a 2-year-old female macaque was noticed to be missing from the Yerkes National Primate Research Center Field Station near Atlanta. (Yerkes is associated with Emory University.) The monkey does not harbor any diseases and therefore is not dangerous to people in that way. The macaque on the loose is a wild animal though, and not a pet, so it could bite or scratch, and staying away from the animal has been advised. In their official statement the Yerkes center said, “If you see a monkey, please do not approach it. Call the Yerkes Research Center at 404-727-7732. We will work with Gwinnett County’s animal control authorities to respond appropriately.” (PETA filed a complaint claiming improper care of primates.)
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