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Ladies (and gentlemen too)

I have a couple projects going in my brain and I thought I would just holler them out. That way if people liked the idea, they could do it too; or if I do something totally wrong, as I do daily, there could be some insight.

1. I am making an ironing board. I can't tell my quilt club about it as I am making one for them as a gift. We really need room for storage where we meet at currently and the board we have is very old and rusty. It's also a pain in the you-know-where to put up and down. Also takes up a lot of unneeded room. When I lived in Omaha, a wonderful member of the club up there made one and I've been curious ever since.

I took 2 pieces of wood (which I cut myself!!) and cut them to the size I wanted. approx 37 1/2 x 24 x 1. I was worried about amputating my own leg or something when cutting the wood. I am totally inexperienced with power tools and I was worried my husband (who is insanely busy) would frown if I used his tools. He has the sense to stay away from my quilting supplies so I should be just as nice right?? My sister in law came over and showed me how and where to make the cuts at. She is an excellent woodworker and makes the most beautiful things. So wood is cut. I went to Hancock's to get the material as Walmart didn't have it. What's new there** They have it normally, but not that day so I'll go back and get it on Tues. You have to ask for ironing board material. A lot of quilters make neat pot holders and hot pads out of this "teflon" type material. Sew on three sides right sides together. I will use a wide seam approx 1/2 or 3/4 inch. Flip right side out and then slide over wood like a pillow case. I'm excited.

2. I will use the sew and flip to create a "foundation pieced" top as a gift. I have garbage bag upon garbage bag of apholstery material. It is all separated into types and ready for the washing machine. Then dry, press and cut. I'll use 4 and 6 inch widths. I'm tossing the idea around about putting some white pieces in the top and having the recipients family members sign them. Wouldn't that be neat?

Okay...my desire to spill my guts is full. What do all of you think??

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