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AWWW!! you are one clever girl. You will do OK as a quilter because you get an idea and are able to put it into action.

I have used unbleached muslin to make ironing board ccvers. No one told me I had to use the teflon or whatever is in the bought covers. So I traced the top of my board, and cut out 2 pieces from the pattern, then added a cotton batting in the center and did a bit of stitching and came up with a quilted top for the board.. I cut a strip 4 inches wide to run around the cover to make a caseing for a draw-string, then serged it into place and left an opening for the drawstring.

For the drawstring, I cut strips on the straight of the grain to avoid stretching. Then I hit on the idea to make a section of the draw-string out of elastic and add the fabric draw-string to either end of the elastic to run along the sides of the board. I can pull it up snug and tie it tight. You can make the elastic piece as long as you like, then add the stips you cut for draw-string.

I set a cup of coffee on the board one day, bumped the board and spilled the coffee. I took it off and washed it and it came out clean. Someone told me to use Peroxide to remove scorth stains. So the scorch marks from pressing small pieces like half triangle squares came out. I now use an old pillow case laid over the board to prevent scorching.

Hope this idea may help someone. I enjoyed making it. June
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