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I just went to the closet with the good stuff. I found two that are too dressy for a lakeshore wedding and the three floral chiffon ones - problem is they all have very short sleeves - the green only has a fluttery sleeve. I will have to put tanner on my arms tonight and keep my arms at my sides tomorrow. Ah, the joys of an aging body and the arms that don't stop waving when I do. I do have a pretty print with beaded elbow length sleeves, but it's a little more casual. So far the green is winning, but the black dress with the hot pink flowered jacket is still a possibility. Fuchsia flowers and orange hair is more likely to get me talked about than floppy arms.

WMUTeach, your dresses must have higher necked than the one I wore for my second daughter's wedding. Several men commented that they were glad they came if I was going to wear a dress like that. Obviously, those days are over.

Reheasal dinner in 45 minutes. I told the bride I wasn't in the wedding, but the groom's family has arrived from Kansas and this is meet the family. Time to go comb my hair and drop some clean clothes over my head. I don't want to embarrass the sweetheart and her soon to be groom.
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