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You reminded me, Betty, I have a really bad back. I don't do the walking, standing thing very well anymore. (I'm to afraid to get the surgery because of all the folks that have been in wheelchairs after, including my uncle) ANYWAY, I have a multi-level ironing board, regular size, I just lower it to comfortable place for my desk chair on wheels that I use to roll from sewing machine to ironing board to desk. It works wonderfully for me, but I like the idea of having a smaller one that opens from the back of the door. Then I could get around more, maybe.

All of you are so talented. I'm a novice quilter on big quilts, I've made so many baby quilts that my mind said I could do a large quilt if I put my mind into it, so I've been working on larger ones for about 3 years now. It is the most relaxing thing I've done in a long time.

Thanks for sharing all your ideas everyone, I so appreciate learning on the 'net, I just can't get out easily for classes in the stores/schools. You make my day!!
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