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Hi Susan, Thank you so much for responding. Yeah, I thought that was probably the case. I can't see them lasting forever if you're going to use them. But, then again, as lovely as these quilts are, I sort of think it's a shame to make something so beautiful and then store it away. I'm not criticizing anyone, and I am probably going to do the same thing with my hexagon quilt but I want my son to have it one day. What about washing them? I just started an applique class with Mimi Dietrich and she suggested we wash, dry and press all of out fabric before we start a project, for obvious reasons, shrinkage etc. Are you supposed to wash them when they are complete. I see many people do not. I'm so glad I found the QB. I don't know anyone else in my area who quilts and I have sooooo many questions. Everyone her is so great when it comes to offering help and answering questions. Sue, thank you so much. I'll ask my husband to take a few pictures of my quilt, it's not finished but I'll send what I have...Chat later, Patti
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