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Originally Posted by MommaDorian
Originally Posted by moonwork42029
found these... what do you have to trade?

Got a yard of each I could work with you on :)

I really am still looking for tons of "I spy" type fabrics -- food types especially.
I LOVE the first one. Even if my customer doesn't, I do. I'm not even a nurse. What kind of I spy stuff are you looking for? I've never done one, so I don't know what things to look for. Let me know, I'll look through my stuff!!!
I spy is based on the kid's game of "I spy a _____ ____" and the other person has to try and guess what it is they see. With the quilts all the items are in the quilt to try and find. I have a lot of variety but very little of "food/candy" type items. I'm planning on using 5 - 6 " squares for at least 2 of these quilts so that's why I need a huge variety of items. I'll pm and we can coordinate if you wish.
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