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I married and have lived with a smoker for 53 years and have sewed for others most of that time. I had a slipcover business at one time. I still sew for ladies and gents in a upper-crust living complex. I GET NO COMPLAINS. I do have a sewing
room up stairs .
My DH uses freebrez for his computer room. I just got a room
deodorizer meant for pet smells. It is by Purina and is just a
little glass jar with the stuff in it. It seems to really illemate the
odars from my cats, the smoking and then we deal with a wood
fire in the winter. Oh yes and my cooking. I am a retired cook
and have trained as a dietition.
Get a life !! Our world is full of all kinds of oders we don't like.
I for one will not allow a little odar I don't like to dictate my daily life.

Have a good one. It is your choice.
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