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i make my own cologne, not perfume, takes different chemicals, but i rarely wear it, it attracts yellow flys, misquotes and nats in the summer, and is often overwhelming, at the saturday market i do everyone seems to wear patchouli, it smells great i guess, but i am allergic to it, and my face turns red, then they think they have offended me, i just want to say, no you just smell to much, lol. i wear a lime, grapefruit citrus scent, in the summer and a sandalwood in the winter, but it is very very light and almost cannot be smelled, in fact only small children and men can notice it, but then again i do not use shampoo that has a scent and rinse my clothes in vinegar, less bugs that way,

jan in steaming florida

i am keeping misquotes in just cause i like it, lol
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