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Originally Posted by Olivia's Grammy
A couple of things I've noticed about people wearing perfume and I do wear a little, I mean a LITTLE.
You know when a car passes you driving 50 mph and you can smell their perfume through closed windows, they might have on to much.
When you have to wash your clothes after hugging someone, they might have on to much.
When you sit next to some one and have to fan to breathe, they might have on to much.

So what are your thoughts?
LOL LOL LOL Sounds like the You might be a Redneck........
You are totally RIGHT...... I always wonder that ,they didn't take a bath and bathed in perfume lol lol lol
I wear a very light amt....but always have someone asking what I'm wearing......Clinque..aromatics elixer......
I don't think that everyone can wear the same perfume,either...
But passing a car @ 50 mph and know what they are wearing...That cracks me up............LOL LOL LOL
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