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Originally Posted by pab58
Well, I've prepped the last four blocks for my center. Now I can put everything away for a while, and whenever I gte a chance, I can work on those four blocks. I put them in individual zip bags so all the pieces are kept together in one place. ;)
I did the same thing, but I did all 36 blocks, each in it's own gallon zippy bag. Did the same thing with sandwich bags for all the Dear Jane blocks. I used the method in the book where you trace the block onto freezer paper, cut it out & iron the pieces onto fabric. Trace around every piece using the freexer paper as the tmeplate. Cut it out adding a seam allowance all around. I have a tendency to do all my projects like this so that once everyting is prepped, I can sew my brains out.

Oh, wait - that's what happened to my brain that I was wondering about on the Dear Jane thread. Lesley & Patti, now we all know!!! :shock:
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