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Originally, I purchased a small plexiglass extension for my sewing machine. I like it a lot for small things, but was frustrated with even a lap size quilt because it kept getting hooked on the font corner.

So, after reading this board and watching the UTube videos about making your own out of insulating panels, I decided I'd try that. Well, I couldn't find anything except 3/4" thick panels (maybe because I'm in FL). I probably could have used several layers, but decided to keep looking. I browsed around at other options such as upholstry foam, floral foam, but they were too pricey. I was poking thru the closet the other day looking for something to "prop up" the front so the quilt wouldn't catch. That got me thinking about boxes.

What I ended up with is several of the large, flat priority mail boxes taped together and covered with clear vinyl. It works awesome!!! I still used my plexiglass extension, but surrounded it with the boxes.

Thanks to everyone who shared their experiences and links!!! Not only did I get a great work surface, but it only cost me $5 (for the vinyl, boxes were free).
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