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Originally Posted by Buckeye Rose
Originally Posted by qbquilts
googling found me ...


You could probably draft something similar - it looks like log cabin blocks in the O shape.

This post has some examples that you could probably easily draft:

The first link is a great quilt, but don't see how to get a pattern

I'll give you measurements for using a 12" log cabin, but you could change them. Google for directions to make a 12" log cabin.
Make 6 all red log cabins. Make 4 half red/half white log cabins. Sew together 2 sets of the half-all red-half log cabins to make the top and bottom of the O (make sure the white corners point out correctly). Sew the all red log cabins together to make 2 pairs. Cut a background piece of fabric 24 1/2" x 12 1/2" (width by twice the length of the log cabins). Snowball the corners using a 3" square. (this size could vary depending on what look you like). Sew the all red log cabin pairs to either long side of the snowballed rectangle. Add the top and bottom of the O (make sure white corners point out correctly). Add a 2" white border, a 1" black border, a 5" gray border, another 1" black border, and an 8" red border. This makes a 70" x 82" quilt. Play with border sizes and/or adjust the log cabin block size to suit your needs.
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