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Originally Posted by smitty
Originally Posted by writerwomen
Originally Posted by suzieQ
any one have table for a 301 or where can i buy one thanks suzieQ
The issue is the set screws for the pivots on the back of the machine.301 normally has an attached drip pan is not designed to fit into a table. If you're determined to do so check the distance on the set screws that attach to the pivoting hing on a table- then measure it up against a table. Other options are cabinets that have a shelf that raises and lowers the machine like a car lift
there is a special cradle made for the 301 to sit in a Singer
card table. about $30. also a trapezoid cabinet that a short-bed 301 will fit in. think that also has a cradle.
my trapezoid still in the shed waiting for a refinish.
It doesn't need a cradle for the card table, it does if you want to mount it in a cabinet.
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