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Hi, I have a viking D1 which I have had for about 4yrs. and used exclusively for embroidery. I wanted to take a class on a triple irish chain with 7 embroidered flower blocks. Since I am new to embroidery I purchased the embird software and installed it on my computer. My D1 uses floppy disks so I bought the disk writer etc. My embird software states that it can both read and write Husqvarna designs to floppy disks. I was unsuccessful in updating my D1 to program for writing disks and asked my LQS to do the update for me while servicing/maintainence on my machine. I was told that it cannot be done with embird software even though viking and embird says it can...and quote ..well they are in bolivia or somewhere and can say anything. I was pi......! Although I had supported this LQS for several yrs. and considerable money should I look elsewhere for my needs or go to the LQS with the procedure from embird in hand and say do this and let's just see what happens..Any opinions welcome..thanks
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