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Originally Posted by JudyG
You should be able to write directly to the floppy in Embird. I write Pes files to floppies with no problem.

Also, if you have the hus files on your hard drive, you can copy them to the floppy in Embird Manager. Open Embird in Manager, highlight the files you want to copy to the floppy, click on "Right Panel" and then "Input/Output Operations" and then "Copy Files to Floppy Disk". As long as your computer can read the floppy drive, you should be able to get your embroidery files to the floppy.
Hi....I have just been on Embird and done exactly as you on Right panel (found at top of screen) then went to Input/Output Operations and there is an option to create Designer 1 floppy disk....when I opened it it requested you put a formatted 2HD floppy disk into the drive....have never heard of this....perhaps another Viking Designer 1 owner knows......Hope this is helpful
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