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Sorry everyone, I am really bad at this computer lingo One of the problems i am having is trying to create a floppy disk that my d1 can read. If I put a cd into my computer and try to copy onto a floppy disk, the disk gets created as you all described yet once put into the D1 the message is "disk not accepted". This happens everytime the disk is not created using husq. viking software. Embird said this is due to older firmware which does not accept designs stored on floppy disks which were created on embird. The designs i have successfully embroidered were all created with a friend using viking software and making me a disk. However, embird suggested the upgrade needed from viking and this is what my lqs says still will not enable me to create disks from embird software. i have tried downloading the viking update but I am totally unfamiliar with the term "firmware" and when i did create the disk the D1 still says disk not accepted. My question is has anyone successfully created a floppy disk from embird from a cd and not using viking software. that once created was accepted by their D1. I have copied all of the emails from embird with their suggestions, the upgrades needed from viking and the embird info. from their website stating they can both read and write disks for a D1 and armed with all of this I plan to revisit my LQS one more time and see what happens. Does that sound like I have all of my necessary "armor" to try this again. I have several hundred dollars invested in designs, thread, stabilizers etc. and want to be able to create my own disks/
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