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I bought some quilt tops on eBay - mostly vintage but also several new tops. The quality of the fabric is not great, but it's a pretty design when it's done.

Applied to a quality backing fabric with a good batt and enough quilting, the tops should hold together relatively well.

These gave me the chance to learn on relatively inexpensive quilts that I hadn't spent 40-80 hours piecing and the results are actually pretty nice, especially when you consider how little I spent on them and how inexperienced I was at drawing with a sewing machine. :)

To be sent to QOV - this is very good quality fabric, made by a quilter who just didn't have time to quilt all her projects.

Assembly-line pieced - some of the fabric is very good - the solid white was extremely difficult to quilt because it was so tightly woven - I think it was a percale of some kind.

Assembly-line pieced - most of the fabrics in this one were "medium" quality and a couple were as nice as Moda's. I got lucky and found some 108" wide Moda backing fabric that coordinates just beautifully with the aqua and brick colors in the top. :)
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