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Originally Posted by patdesign View Post
I hope someone will see this and help me find a solution. The new board is very SLOW. I thought at first it was the changeover, but here is what is going on, when I finish a post on a thread, I want to use the back button to get back to the digest, rather than having to open it up from the link all over again. The problem is the message will only step back 1 time and then it has to be minimized to get back to the link which then has to be loaded all over again, the process is so slow that a lot of times all I get is smeary lines and not any thing readable, meaning a refresh, then another boot to open, it is causing me to spend way too much time trying to navigate back and forth to new items I want to read, not everthing if I just go on to the next. Also have been trying since changeover to open up the star point ad from one of the members (Rhonda?) and all I get is smeary lines no matter how long I wait. BTW my computer is newer and fast, so its not on my end here.
I hope someone else beside me replies to you question. My board is very fast on my computer, BUT, I delete the history every day. Have you tried that?
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