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how can the p.o. refuse your envelope? at the most, they charge you an additional $.20 to hand cancel the stamp if they envelope is not machine cancelable. you need to let them know that they can hand cancel at the counter. it is on the website. also it helps to put the wide clear tape around the envelope ends to help them through the process.

i have gotten some pretty mangled envelopes from fabric being sent in the business envelopes. some just didnt make it so they were in p.o. plastic baggies when i received them. it helps to know how to package them. i say practice on getting the fabric flat enough because it is possible to do so and pay the lower postage.

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My post office WILL NOT accept fabric in a business envelope. It can get torn when it's sorted thru the machine. If it's not in a padded envelope they won't take it. I have snuck small pieces of fabric in envelopes, but I wory about them making it to their destination.
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