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That's a stunningly beautiful quilt, I love the colours in it. Re your wavy edges, as the others have said it is most likely the bias edges that have given you trouble, naughty things, they should go and stand in the corner :lol: . You just need to sabilise the edges, you could use a boarder, doesn't have to be a wide one, you could use the yellow of your points or pick out some fabric that goes with one of the colours in your quilt, there are lots of options. Cut your boarder strips the length they should be. You will prob have to work this out mathematically. Divide your quilt edge into eigths and mark with a pin, same with boarder strip. Match boader and quilt together at pins. When sewing, place quilt on the underneath, as the action of the feed dogs helps to ease the longer piece onto the shorter one. Hope my long winded explanation makes sense
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