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Oooooooooooooooh ... Honchey will be very pleased with you Ladies, when she arrives!

JanieW ... you couldn't have found better fabric for that basket! I think you were holding out on us as to the potential of your stash! Well done at keeping all the grass clumps in the same direction. Betty would be delighted with that brown and blue combo!!

Leba ... Pretty in Pink!! Are they batiks? And another woven basket shows itself!

MiraBelle ... Yours are really coming together with such a tranquil and calming look. Lovely!!

JanRN ... and yet another with a woven basket, sitting in the flower garden! Great contrasts on those purples!! Wonder where the inspiration came form? I'm glad for you that despite the hectic pace, you allow yourself to slow down a little and take time for some sewing.

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