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Originally Posted by QuiltE View Post
JanieW ... and you may be pleasantly surprised as to what other candidates show themselves from the depths of your stash!! Hey ... what are you doing posting .... you're supposed to be on twin duty today, aren't you. Now this gets me thinking? Will this be one quilt? or split into twin quilts? Could be fun!

Tuesday is the day we ride herd on the twins. Wednesday is the day I procrastinate on housework by reading the quilting board.

I have no idea what this quilt will be. There is another little cowpoke on the way . This one will be born in real cowboy country so who knows, maybe he/she will want it someday. My oldest granddaughter is really into my quilting so she may decide it's hers. Whatever , they can fight over it after I'm gone, while I'm alive it's mine!
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